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The Creative strokes club sparks students’ creativity by exploring variety of designs. Students get opportunity to create and share their own designs. It is also a fun way for students to learn about making household objects into work of art.


As ICT lies at the core of every organization today, the Tech-Know aims to create technological catalysts in our own environment. The club aims to improve the ICT skills of its members by nurturing their programming skills and sharpening their research and presentation skills. The club also aims to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in the society they live in.


The Avishkar Club is for any student who likes to experiment and build things. Using hands on experiments children can explore the world of Science that is beyond ones imagination. The club celebrates Science by sharing experiments and scientific observations of the world around us. Little innovations today will make a better world tomorrow.


The goal of Language Laureates is to ensure that every member is equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to excel in drama, writing and debate. This also involves the skills for script writing, stage craft and public speaking. Students will also be given platform at national and international level to transfer their learning and showcase their talent. Through this experimental learning we hope to nurture students to be confident persons and self directed learners through the development of 21st century.


The Sur Sangam helps students retain and enhance their own individual love for music. We work on all those aspects that are important for developing ones “musicality”. It offers a range of music opportunities for students and will bring out the real meaning of music.


The Beat Busters club allows its members to experience the wonder of dance and the joy of performing. Students are exposed to different styles of dance where they learn to see dance as an art-, a way of expression. The club requires hard work, loyalty, dedication and commitment from its members.


The Eco Rangers club aims at increasing awareness of environment issues among students and makes them better stewards of environment. It instills a sense of responsibility for the environment and a personal commitment to protect and preserve it. Another important aim of the club is the holistic development of students. The club inculcates the spirit of service among young minds, thereby serving the deserving lives within the society.


As per the requirement of the present day in the Indian society, it has been decided that care for the health of citizens has to be taken care right from the childhood. The main aim of this development is to make students aware of the health and hygiene of self and surrounding. This would help us to criticize the maximum energy of the adolescent for creativity, discovery and exploration of the best in the world.


The Mathematics Club is here to break the misconception that Math is hard and difficult to crack. Yes, it is challenging, but the Math Club challenges students to experience Math in everyday situations and from a perspective from outside the classroom. It is a student initiated and teacher supported academic group dedicated to serve the needs and interests of all students interested in mathematics.


The purpose of the Hindi-Club is to enhance the creativity of our scholars. The club allows scholars to create their own speeches, nukkad-natak, and plays, compose poetry and also write essays to express their thoughts and feelings. Nukkad-Natak is also an integral part of the Hindi Club where scholars are not only being made aware of important social issues but they are encouraged to take on the responsibility of spreading its awareness. The club will also conducts activities like debates and extempore to develop thinking and analyzing skills in our scholars.