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Director's Desk


Mr. Braham Singh Yadav

We analyse our today, and cement strategies to create a learning environment that could stimulate the young to hold out to their future as ‘Winners, by design’!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for the partnership, patience, and support provided to our school throughout the Academic Session 2023-2024. Parents are their children’s first educators. Never has this been more obvious than during this time, when the parents’ commitment has taken on a distinct new meaning in ensuring the continuity and success of education in a virtual setting.

Throughout this time, we have been strategic about dealing with the here and now and preserving the quality of our school. Behind the scenes, despite all the challenges our team has retained faith in our future planning for DPSSV. We have continued to progress the inspiring ideas that are expressed by our worthy staff under the able leadership of our trailblazer, school Principal Ms. Krishna Singh. We want to emerge from this crisis with our plans for the future articulated, and with action plans to make good on the promises in our vision and mission statements.

Mr. Braham Singh Yadav

Joint Director's Desk

To begin with, I urge parents and students to converse about the school's progress and set objectives for the upcoming academic period. It's the perfect opportunity to ensure that our pupils start on the right foot! It's possible that they need to consult with a teacher and devise a strategy to enhance their academic performance. Ensuring that our students complete their homework on time is crucial for their academic success. It's imperative that we prevent them from falling behind.

To that end, we'll be monitoring grades regularly and informing parents of low scores via mail or phone. Furthermore, we'll urge students to seek additional support, if necessary, through after-school help sessions. Collaboration between parents and educators can effectively address academic challenges that may arise. By establishing open lines of communication, success can be achieved in all aspects of the school year.

Ms. Chhavi Yadav

Managing Trustee Desk

Years ago, I encountered a phrase that has stayed with me ever since. Its message motivates me to pursue making positive changes both in my personal life and the world around me. In the last few years, while grappling with the ongoing Covid pandemic, valuable lessons have been gained by humanity. The most profound lesson among them is the necessity to live harmoniously with our natural surroundings, rather than recklessly damaging the environment for personal gain.

The students of DPS, Siddharth Vihar have consistently excelled, despite the trials and tribulations, their hard work and dedication, as well as the support of our committed staff, has enabled them to achieve great success. As the Managing Trustee, I am incredibly proud of our school's positive reputation and the outstanding achievements of our students.

Mr. Akash Yadav