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DPS Siddharth Vihar endeavours to provide a conducive and inspiring environment for the overall development of the students and helps them to evolve into responsible citizens of the world.

We aim at creating an inclusive community of children who are imbibed with a blend of values, and a bent-on technology, and purport to provide exciting and diverse opportunities and experiences which could result in unimaginable possibilities.

We strive to achieve the following-

Fostering our students’ ability to communicate effectively.

Making the learners realize their true potential and innate talent.

Encouraging diversity and flexibility in teaching pedagogy.

Consider our school as a service center for the community and accept our responsibility in providing the necessary skills to enable the learners to work effectively in a global environment.

Our vision is to become a LIGHT that enlightens the path for following our motto, Service before Self and others.



We endeavour to:

Impart quality education that would turn or transform the students into resilient, tolerant future citizens and acquire the 21st Century skills to face the challenges of the ever-changing world.

To create balanced citizens who possess intercultural respect and understanding.

To ignite the minds of the learners to dream big and understand.

To ignite the minds of the learners to dream big and possess valuable life skills, by providing them valued learning experiences to help them contribute to the wellbeing of society.



"Service Before Self"

A motto is a vivid reflection of the mettle that goes into the making of an institution or an organization.

Our motto is a constant reminder that the well-being and safety of others always comes prior to our own welfare, comfort and security. We believe in the saying of the Bible,

“Thy need is greater than mine”